LEGO Elves The Goblin King’s Evil DRAGON 41183 Building Kit (339 Pieces)

Build your own Crystal Cave, complete with explosion function and hiding place for Lil’ Blue!
Includes Goblin King mini-doll, plus Ashwing the earth dragon, Jimblin the Goblin, Bluebeary and Lil’ Blu
LEGO Elves brick building toys are compatible with all other LEGO construction sets for creative building

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LEGO Elves Azari & the Goblin Forest Escape 41186 Building Kit (145 Piece)

Features a Chariot with space for up to 3 mini-doll figures, a crossbow stud shooter, extending flames from the back and detachable Firebolt the pegasus figures
Includes an Azari mini-doll figure plus Guxlin the Goblin and Firebolt the pegasus figures
Accessory elements include crossbow ammunition, evil magic potion bottle, map, evil instructions, carrot and 2 evil plant seeds

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Beachcombers Boat or Ship in Pinch Bottle

Boat / Ship in a pinch bottle.
Approximately 4 Inches High, 5 Inches Long
Great Nautical Decor

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LEGO Elves Naida’s Spa Secret 41072 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Features a spa bath, waterfall with shower space, day bed with secret compartment for diary, and a branch function to reveal the magical map
Accessories include an opening diary, letter, perfume bottle, beauty lotions, hairbrush, drink, board game, basket, magical map and water power icon
Help Delphia jump to the highest branch and reveal the magical map that the LEGO Elves are looking for!

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LEGO Elves Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh – 41077

Windmill features turning sails, a fishpond and a cozy cave with a hook for the key
Accessory elements include 2 cookies, a fish, lamp, map, signpost with the four elements, wind key and 2 power icons: wind and fire
Build a magical Pegasus sleigh to fly up to the clouds; head to the cozy cave to read the magic map

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